Proposed project

Minto Children’s home is a nonprofit making organization registered on 24th April 2005 by the government of the Republic of Kenya under certificate No OP.218/051/2004/035/2532.

Since inception, the children’s home main challenge has been setting up its own permanent residence. They are forced to depend on donations from well-wishers to cater for house rent costs, food, electricity and water supply bills among other needs in the home

The proposed project will entail purchase of a piece of  land where we will set up a Primary boarding school fully equipped with:

  • 5Dormitories
  • 12 Classrooms
  • Library
  • Staff Offices
  • Washrooms
  • Dining Hall
  • Kitchen

The school will accommodate 300 children with vulnerable orphans occupying approximately 33% (About 100). These will be exempted from paying school fees. Regular pupils (67%) will support in the running of the school’s activities by paying a reasonable amount of school fees.

The fee payable will meet recurrent expenditure in support of the orphans at the institution, such as food, medical, staff salaries, electricity, and water bills among other expenses.

The project is expected to comprise of a sewage drainage/treatment system and a stone-wall enclosure around the home and school.

To start off we need USD 200,000 and an additional USD 100,000 annually for five years to complete the project. The project is destined to be a center of academic excellence and a home where the rescued children will find true parental love and other necessities to help them acquire the best education and therefore later realize their vision and dreams as responsible citizens.

The estimated total budget for the project is USD 692,807.69 that is Kshs 45,000,000/=.

One medical doctor Volunteer
One nurse Volunteer
Four trained child caregivers Volunteer
One accountant Volunteer
One technician Volunteer

We are legally entitled to tax relief and exemptions by government Tax Authorities on projects undertaken by us on a prior application for consideration and approval by the said Authorities.

Kindly write to us through  to know more about how you may help.

Your contribution today will go a long way in helping us make life-changing impacts to the lives of these children.